Starlight Wedding Backdrop

Starlight Wedding Backdrop

Our Wedding Backdrops are manufactured in the UK, using fire-retardant materials of superior quality, the fabric is soft and treated to make it resist creases, for stunning results every time.

Interwoven in the fabric is a fibre optic loom which provides a warm white twinkle effect, rather than a flashing effect that the cheaper imported backdrop use.

To complement the backdrop, we also stock the matching top table surround, which again use the same superior material and fibre optic lights

The Starlight Wedding Backdrop is 6m wide by 3m in height, and the top table surround is 22 feet in length.

We also stock a cake table surround, which is battery powered and uses warm white LED lamps, again made from the same superior material as the backdrop and top table surround.  The battery pack are mounted into the surround so that you can move your cake table around the venue with the surround still in place.

To complement the Starlight backdrop why not add our LOVE letters and Twinkle Dance Floors.