Dance Floors

Starlight Dance Floor

Our Starlite Dance Floors will provide a stunning centre piece to your party. Our dance floors are British manufactured and are made from black acrylic tiles with small white LED lights built into them.  These can be set on different patterns from a slow twinkle to a fast chase.

For wedding's we can keep the dance floor turned off until your first dance.  As you approach the dance floor we can activate the floor to provide a memorable and spectacular effect for your first dance.  YOU WILL BE DANCING ON THE STARS!

Our Starlite dance floors are a modular construction using the industry standard locking system, ensuring that our dance floors will not split apart during use. We can provide any size floor to suit your occasion or venue.

As a guide please see the table below with recommended sizes for total guest attending and estimated dancers.

We can supply our Starlite dance floors as part of a package with our Jukebox or on it's own if you would prefer to use another form of entertainment.

Dance Floor Sizes & Number of People Dancing

People Dancing
Guests Attending
12ft x 12ft
14ft x 14ft
18ft x 18ft
20ft x 20ft

Larger and smaller dance floor are available. Please contact Keith to discuss your requirements.