Nostalgic Retro Wurlitzer 1015 Jukebox

Our Jukeboxes are based on the best selling Jukebox of all time, the Wurlitzer 1015.  A hand formed cabinet, unique bubble tubes, aluminium speaker grills and chromed base are just some of the features.  Beneath that the capacity to hold 80 CDs and iPod connectivity – times have changed since the first Wurlitzer 1015 spun it's first 78 RPM record.

Our Jukeboxes come supplied with 80 CDs covering music from the 50s to present day. Please click here to download our latest track listings. You can also add up to 10 of your own CDs, these would replace the CD numbers 170 to 179.

If you would like to connect an iPod, laptop or smartphone – not a problem our Jukeboxes have been built to accept a connection from these devices via the headphone socket and play through the Jukebox sound system. Alternatively you can add our iPod mixer package which comprises of an external sound system and a iPod dock mixer. Using this add on package you can select music either from the jukebox or iPod. This is ideal for weddings where you may wish to have more control over when certain music is played i.e. the first dance.

The Jukebox is easy to use. We supply booklets with all the tracks listed on the Jukebox, if you have provided your own music these will be included. Once you have decided on your chosen track make a note of the CD number and track number and enter your selection into the Jukebox. Where these codes will be stored ensuring all selected tracks are played.

Our Jukeboxes are full size commercial built units and are equipped with a powerful inbuilt sound system comprising of 2x tweeters, 2x midrange and 1x twin cone bass speaker which produces a rich and powerful sound.

We supply each jukebox with a remote control with which the volume can be adjusted, or CD ejected if so desired.

When it comes to delivery, we will deliver to your chosen venue at a time agreed with you, set up your Jukebox and provide a demonstration. Once you are happy working the Jukebox we will leave you to have your party. We would normally collect the Jukebox the following day, but if your venue needs us to collect after the event – this is not a problem.